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Friday, October 23, 2009

Advanced Happy Halloween!

Greetings from Usagimimimoddo; A mere blog of pure boredom and recreational lulz that will be upheld by Obsidian.
This Blog will be a piece of literature that will convey everything that's about the Author's interests, what he's doing personally, news that interested him, etc.
As for that, I'll leave a first post such as this.



Obsidian said...

Wow. This seriously looks good.
I'm impressed to myself and to my cousin. =/

JJportia12o_o said...

yes I'm Awed this looks great~

Obsidian said...

Ohohoho~ You have my thanks!

Anonymous said...

It looks great!

Obsidian said...

It took me a while to do this; like 7 hours of HTML work. My cousin also helped.
Whew... time for the real work.

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